Buzz about Anadara Designs

I have worked with Anadara several times over the years and she always manages to exceed our expectations. Not only is she incredibly talented in her skills, but she also has a deep wealth of knowledge and experience in interior design that she is mindful of all the small details of a project and helps us plan for any adjustments and avoid surprises in the long run. It's always a joy to collaborate with Anadara and see the beautiful results!

Todd Peyton Leach
Partner, Dedica Group
Brooklyn, New York

Anadara has helped me on projects and she is very knowledgeable in interior design and great to work with. She understands deadlines and she knows customer service is the key to business success. I would recommend her for any project large or small.

Bert Cunningham
Account Manager, Vernon Company
Bowie, Texas

Anadara is an exceptionally creative and skilled interior designer. She definitely has an "eye" for bringing a concept to fruition that's fine-tuned to a client's wishes. My heart and soul fill with joy every day being surrounded by the wonderful and beautiful designs, fabrics, bedding, window treatments and furnishings she helped me select for my home. Plus, she's so nice. You'll love working with Anadara.

Barbara Crawford
Bartonville, Texas

If you need an expert interior designer who is unbelievably knowledgeable, creative, reliable and wonderful to work with you need Anadara.

Charlotte Bairrington
Fort Worth, Texas

The passion that Anadara showed in finding the right colors enabled my wife to feel confident that she had support and assistance in making our home "presentable" in the neighborhood. Combined with her passion, Anadara's compassion with my wife was not one of hurry; it was the opposite. My wife is not one for darker colors in decoration; she enjoys bright and vibrant colors. Anadara showed my wife multiple variations of colors and matches from bright and vibrant to dark and rich. It was Anadara's presentation that enabled my wife to take the leap and select the darker colors for our home. It is a choice that my wife is so thankful for and cannot say enough about the gift that Anadara showed us.

David R. Smith, Ph.D.
Corpus Christi, Texas

Anadara is a very skilled interior designer I have called upon her services many times for my design needs and have recommended her to my clients and my customers have been extremely happy! I would highly recommend her she is top in her field.

Gordon Dunn
Owner, Dunn Painting and Design

Anadara is a delight to work with. She quickly and intuitively learned our likes and dislikes, offered us many choices or fewer, depending on our preferences. She works beautifully with couples, where there can often be wide differences of opinions about design and décor, comfort versus elegance, masculine versus feminine, florals versus stripes or plaids, and on and on. Somehow, she is able to strike a balance where everybody gets some of what they want and the result is pleasing for all.

Anadara Braun-Good is a talented and knowledgeable interior designer with many years of experience. We recommend her without hesitation and we are proud do so at every opportunity.

Carolyn and Max Morley
Denton, Texas

One of my most favorite things I enjoy about working with Anadara is; that whatever I can think of, she can make it happen! To me, this is what makes the difference between a designer that puts her own signature on your home compared to a great designer that truly works with me to make my house my dream home.

Anadara is extremely dependable and trustworthy. There is no challenge too big. Her attention to the smallest detail is uncanny and her professionalism is second to none. I highly recommend Anadara whether it's a large or small job. She can do it all.

Vicki Quinby
Ardmore, Oklahoma

It is my privilege to recommend Anadara Braun-Good for your interior design needs. She was hired to update the public areas in our veterinary clinic. We found her to be professional, efficient and extremely competent. Besides that, she was an absolute joy with whom to work.

Anadara worked within our budget and a reasonable time frame. She had prices available which allowed us to put money on things which were a priority and save money on those which were not.

Lori Reese
Decatur, Texas